About Us

About Us

AARTI is an Istanbul-based company founded in 2003 in the fields of planning, landscape and architecture, with the aim of designing and implementing spaces with a high quality of life, which leave marks in the memories and can meet the needs.

While developing projects with the vision of giving meaning and aesthetics to the spaces where human life takes place, AARTI analyzes user needs in detail, synthesizes findings, evaluates historical facts and references; It prioritizes universality, aesthetics and functionality in spatial designs by making the right inferences for the future under the leadership of technology and science.

Professionally performing process management with its experienced team, AARTI offers fast, practical, applicable and economical solutions by adding its own vision to the foresights of institutions, organizations and private sector, and by approaching each project sensitively with its structure that dominates all legal and administrative regulations.

In the elapsed time AARTI, has  designed Industrial Sites and Industrial Buildings, Cultural Centers, Indoor and Outdoor Sports Complexes, Housing Buildings, Municipal and Administrative Buildings, University Campuses, City and Regional Parks, EXPO Fairgrounds and Structures, Shopping Centers-Hotel-Housing Mix Complexes, Transportation Planning and Road Arrangements, City Squares, Survey-Restitution and Restoration of Historical Environment and Buildings, Urban Transformation and Renovations, Building Earthquake Investigation and Strengthening etc. together with all engineering branches, and many national and international projects  that have been completed, have been implemented.

Some of the institutions, organizations and private sectors that AARTI works with,

Ministry of Youth and Sports,
Culture and Tourism Ministry,
National Defense Department,
Ministry of Industry and Technology,
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry,
Other Ministries,
Istanbul Technical University,
Iskenderun Technical University,
Other Universities,
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality,
Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality,
Hatay Metropolitan Municipality,
The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality,
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality,
Mersin Metropolitan Municipality,
Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality,
Other Provincial and District Municipalities,
General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works,
Housing Authority (TOKI),
Other Public and Municipal Economic Enterprises,
Private Sector Investors,
Industrial Site Cooperatives,
et al….

AARTI Group Members also conduct academic studies and participate in competitions. Members who have completed their Master’s and Doctorate Studies in Planning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, develop new programs and techniques to put current information into practice and share these innovations in scientific environments. They undertake the task of informing and educating students and young colleagues. They teach at universities. The whole team transfers information and gives them practice to the candidates of the profession within the scope of the Internships and defines this approach as responsibility.

AARTI follows the technology and the current; It uses VECTORAL, VISUALIZATION, INQUIRY, BIM, DISCOVERY, ANIMATION and SIMULATION-based programs in its strong technical infrastructure, and preserves the data it produces in the network of the company’s infrastructure and in the international cloud system.